Corima RTU Containers Filling & Stoppering FSP 05

Machine model FSP 05 has been developed to meet the increasing production requirements of products classified as pre-filled syringes. This filling and stoppering machine for syringes in nest is a modular machine, as well as compact and flexible, able to work to required productive speed, up to 12.000 pieces/h. The machine offers also great precision with dosing operations, and a full protection of syringes, essential when sterile products are involved.
The machine is modular so that it can be equipped with 2 to 5 filling/stoppering stations, making it suitable both for low and high speed. These features can be modified also with further transformations.

The machine is easily integrated in various possible layouts and material flows thanks to the special design of the work areas. Special attention has been paid to designing the moving components, preferring the use of rotary drive shafts or linear drive shafts with open wheel, which are indispensable techniques to ensure machine cleanliness and to integrate RABS or isolators.

Excellent machine ergonomics and arrangement of the controls for easy integration of the material dispensing, infeed or handling systems, in total compliance with the strictest of directives concerning the assembly of parts in direct and/or indirect contact with the product.

FSP 05 guarantees maximum protection of the syringes, which must not be damaged in any way during filling. In fact, the FSP 05 machine avails of exclusive systems during syringe handling, filling and stoppering phases, which optimise centring, thus safeguarding the syringe tubes against the risk of breakage or damage.


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