NJM Introduces Dara SX-310-RDL Aseptic Machine for Vials

NJM Simplifies Packaging with the New Dara SX-310-RDL

At NJM, we believe in the power of innovation. Our agile engineering philosophy and modular designs allow us to quickly offer machines to accommodate new component technologies. Not long after RayDyLyo caps first hit the market, we are able to give our customers a new aseptic filling and closing machine, based on the existing SX-310 system, that seals vials with these unique caps. Meet the new Dara SX-310-RDL.

NJM - Dara SX-310-RDL Full View

Dara SX-310-RDL

To be on display for the first time at INTERPHEX in NYC, the compact Dara SX-310-RDL eliminates the crimping required with traditional aluminum caps to simplify the packaging operation and speed throughput, while offering fast and easy changeovers and new container size setups in the future. It’s ideal for 503B pharmacies and biotech manufacturers filling solutions, suspensions, diagnostics, vaccines or cellular tissue The Dara SX-310-RDL seals vials by using simple vertical pressure on ARaymondlife’s patented RayDyLyo caps, pre-assembled plastic closures that feature a rubber stopper within the cap. Compared to aluminum closures, RayDyLyo caps minimize the ‘pop-off’ effect and reduce the risk of rubber stoppers adhering to freeze dryer plates. By eliminating the crimping station, the Dara SX-310-RDL offers a smaller footprint, lower maintenance and less particulate generation compared with traditional filling, stoppering and capping systems.

NJM - Dara SX-310-RDL CU
Dara SX-310-RDL CU

Learn more about the Dara SX-310-RDL in our press release. As a trusted single-source provider of automated packaging systems, we offer a variety of solutions to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers including tablet counterslabelersserialization solutions and more.

Speak with our team at INTERPHEX 2018 Booth #2353 or reach out via email at: info@NJMPackaging.com.


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