Meeting Today’s Product and Personnel Protection Industry Requirements in Fill-Finish

By: BOSCH Packaging Technology

While today’s aseptic filling applications increasingly require the protection of both the product and personnel with elaborate air handling systems, automated decontamination processes, and the latest safety features, the growing need for specialized medicines produced in small batches means that efficient manufacturing systems also need to be flexible with short changeover times.

At this year’s INTERPHEX conference, and also part of the IPS Technology Tours (Aseptic Full-Scale & Flexible Technologies track), Bosch Packaging Technology will be presenting a case study on its FLT 1000 vial filler with Isolator, an offering designed to meet today’s increasingly challenging needs in fill-finish by providing a complete range of infeed and outfeed options to cover the wide variety of vial sizes, materials, and configurations (glass, plastic, and RTU components) handled.

Filling lines require competent management of the interaction between filling machine, barrier system, and preceding and subsequent machines. Challenges include the safe functioning of the interfaces, the simplicity of the overall controls system, and the ease of operation of the individual components. Interface resolutions between different manufacturers are often risky and time-consuming, and can delay projects by weeks, the start-up of individual subsystems failing to provide assurance that they will work properly together. The delivery of all components from a single source: isolator, machines, and processes from one provider, developed together and for each other, significantly mitigates these risks.

The Bosch FLT 1000 with Isolator fully integrated solution is a product of the close collaboration between three Bosch global sites: Bosch Minneapolis (filler technology), Bosch Crailsheim (filler and barrier technology), and Bosch affiliate Klenzaids in India (barrier technology and cost-effective manufacturing). This illustrates the depth and breadth of in-house technologies and capabilities that are necessary for adequate concept planning and successful implementation of today’s complex pharmaceutical fill and finish projects.



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