Is Continuous Manufacturing Really New?

By Ed Godek
Manager, Process Technology
Glatt Air Techniques, Inc.

Some 25+ years ago, I graduated from college with a Chemical Engineering degree, armed with the knowledge of process modeling, flow sheet analysis and statistical process control…important skills for continuous manufacturing in the chemical industry. At that time, I chose to venture into the world of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing for a career and found one.  Unfortunately, the industry was rigidly stuck in a world of batch manufacturing.  It was almost like we just took the unit operations from the old compounding pharmacists’ benches and made them bigger, while adding technology from the food and baking industry.  Not as cutting edge and revolutionary as I was hoping for.  Fast forward to the present.  We are finally trying to move the Pharma Industry into the world of Continuous Manufacturing at the urging of FDA and other Regulatory agencies.  It is a known fact that the ability to manufacture product of a very high quality hinges on complete process understanding, the ability to analyze the product “in-process”, and have the flexibility to adjust process parameters to maintain quality.  Sounds like the skills I once possessed 25 years ago.  We need to reach back into our engineering past to help bring us fully into the Continuous Manufacturing space of the future.  This is what we are trying to do at Glatt: to provide the best and most flexible continuous manufacturing systems in the industry.


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