ACG Worldwide presents Innovative Packaging and Track & Trace Solutions at INTERPHEX 2016

With over fifty years of industry expertise, ACG Worldwide is an integrated processing, manufacturing and packaging solutions provider to the global pharmaceutical industry. The company has emerged as one of the world’s largest and most respected business enterprises providing a complete range of pharma solutions like empty hard capsules, packaging films, capsule filling machines, fluid bed processors, tablet presses & tooling, tablet coaters, blister packing & cartoning machines, and vision inspection & serialization solutions. Sensing the alarmingly increasing demands of the consumers, ACG Worldwide has always provided the best of the technologies in the industry.

ACG worldwide presents Quest Nanoblis- a robust table-top blister packing machine idle for feasibility and stability studies. With a compact and portable design, Quest Nanoblis is the leader in the field of multi-stage, concurrent-motion blister packing for R&D purposes. The technology is cGMP compliant suitable for thermoform as well as cold form applications.

Along with blister packaging machine, ACG Worldwide also presents Hawkeye – a track & trace solution from its Verif-i suite. It offers online and offline solution for aggregation of secondary packaging. The packaging includes multiple 2D code decoding with a remote trouble shooting facility and can provide with production report with various classifications. Hawkeye complies with FDA 21 CFR supported with multiple track and trace regulations.


Learn more about the single source for complete biopharmaceutical manufacturing solutions that gathers 12,000 industry professionals each year.


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