The Transformation of the Industry

Since 1974, the year when it was founded, Marchesini Group has grown progressively through acquisitions and partnerships with complementary companies.  Today, the Group is capable of supplying complete lines to handle the entire production process from dispensing product in vials, ampoules, and blisters, through to packing the product in its subsequent forms, such as cartons, bundles, cases, and pallets.

For the production of liquid drugs, the Group supplies a full range of machines and complete lines for processing vials and bottles, ampoules, cartridges and disposable syringes, from filling to palletising.
Products for primary packaging: linear or rotary washing machines, Cleaning/Air blowing machines and Air blowing tables, sterilising tunnels, linear and rotary filling machines, ampoule filling and sealing machines, syringe filling/closing machines.

All filling machines, made using cutting-edge technologies, are equipped with different filling units according to the product to be processed, and are available both in a single-block version and for separate operations. They have all the CIP/SIP devices for cleaning and decontamination, devices for IPC, and comply with all cGMP regulations and those related to production in a sterile environment. The extensive range of models available, the size change-over speeds and the dispensing units designed for fast and easy removal are integral features of all of the machines produced.

As well as packaging solids in blisters, Marchesini Group produces lines for processing solid products and powders in different types of packaging machines: Rigid tube filling machines, which pack effervescent tablets in rigid tubes, machines for packaging powders and granules in sachets and stick packs, and strip packaging lines.

With regard to the segment of creams, gels, mascaras and other cosmetics, the range of machines and lines provided by the group completely covers all the various customer’s needs: tube fillers, jar filling/capping machines, mascara filling/closing machines, vertical and horizontal sachet fillers for sachets and stick packs; all designed and developed considering the special requirements and specifications of each product.

Products for secondary packaging include labellers, syringe plunger inserters/labelers, machines for fitting Safety Devices, machines for packaging trays, both cardboard and thermoplastic, cartoners and all end-of-line machines, including overwrappers, case packers, and palletisers.



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