Modern Press Technology

Tablet press technology is evolving as rapidly as the speeds at which the presses themselves are capable of running. While the old, industry assertion that “all presses make tablets in the same fashion” does have a kernel of truth to it, the real truth is that press manufacturers are, to an ever-increasing degree, engineering technologies and features that are truly novel.

The newest press designs are profoundly influenced by the goal of maximum versatility. Presses should offer the capability of compressing more than just a single-layer tablet, and the mechanisms for applying compressive force should also serve to increase the total number of challenging products for which a press may be deemed suitable. This aim is usually met by the modern press manufacturer by allowing for the inclusion of additional stations that go beyond simple pre- and main compression. An empirical increase in maximum dwell time is key, a goal that is further attainable through the use of new tool designs as offered by a select number of manufacturers.

Given the fact that available “real estate” within existing facilities is increasingly scarce, new presses have been introduced that, while occupying little space, actually produce more tablets than before despite their compact size. One method for achieving this lofty goal is through the implementation of turrets that eliminate the need for conventional dies, a component that is traditionally linked to long changeover times.

Those presses leading the technological evolution will successfully combine features that facilitate their operation, changeover times, and maintenance, while simultaneously offering technologies that lead to better tablets. A focus on fail-safe technologies for accurate, high-speed weight control and rejection capability compliments the goals of tablet manufacturers seeking to ensure they produce the best possible product, and send the same to store shelves.


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