Modularization Process in Project Delivery (Part III)

By Gene Martini, Design Vice President – IPS

If you read the first two installments of this series, you know that we are discussing the process of modularizing the delivery of a pharmaceutical facility. We want to avoid recursion; we want a process that builds in proven modularization concepts from the beginning.

The key to this process lies not in its steps but in the structure of the organization executing it. To optimize modularization, an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach is required.

Traditional project delivery models separate the construction and CQV functions from the design function, as in design-bid-build, or restrict the owner’s involvement with the process, as in design-build. In IPD, all of the required skill sets are deployed on the project as they are needed and in collaboration, and if the entire project team has strong experience with Life Sciences Industry facilities, the combination of deep specialization and timely application yields the most efficient project execution.

In the IPD model, the owner and design professionals collect and document requirements and constraints and develop a conceptual design. On completion of the concept, procurement, construction and C&Q professionals are added to the team to develop and evaluate modularization options. The expertise applied by these team members is required to estimate the cost and schedule impacts of different options without incurring the cost to the project of fully developing those options. As the advantages of specific modularization approaches become apparent, the IPD team adjusts the course of the design and execution strategies to fully exploit these decisions.

IPD presents certain procurement and contractual challenges to the owner. However, throughout the course of an integrated project delivery, the owner is fully engaged, understanding the costs and benefits of each modularization decision, and fully supported by all of the expertise required to deliver the specified quality at the lowest possible cost and in the prescribed time.


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