Washing Systems

Courtesy of Cozzoli Machine Company

The importance of a reliable vial and ampule cleaning system cannot be overstated. Having a supplier that can offer a complete product line of equipment that includes washing machinery plus service and maintenance is essential. Precision cleaning equipment can include semi-automatic washers, air cleaners, high production batch washers and automatic washing systems designed for the preparation of pharmaceutical glassware.

Increased regulations require precise compliance. Air cleaning and washing systems should provide efficiency, reliability as well as ease of operation and simple changeover. Washing systems should provide complete and predictable cleaning.

Integrated PC technology to allow washers to monitor, record and signal the operator. Installation qualification/operational qualification (IQ/OQ) documentation package can be customized for your machine.

Automatic washing systems equipped with universal vial carriers maintain vials in a perpendicular position and eliminate particulate generation that can be caused by bucket-style washers. Virtually any cleaning media can be used including air, hot water, water for injection (WFI), deionized water, detergents and steam.

The uniform washing provided by upright positioning reduces the amount of cleaning media required. Segregated wash stations can prevent cross contamination, and resulting waste that occurs when fluids mix. A sanitary reclaim/recirculation system can reduce water consumption by up to 80%

Equipment should offer customization of the washing format with additional stations. For accommodating additional media, such as steam or silicone the washer may be set up with extra stations. When running a variety of container sizes, additional stations will reduce changeover time even further and save water.

Washing equipment should be designed to provide years of reliable service.

Applications include: pharmaceuticals, biologicals, serums, animal health products and chemicals.

Cozzoli Machine Company manufactures a complete line of washing, air cleaning and sterilizing equipment. Cozzoli’s versatile air cleaning and washing systems offer ease of operation and simple changeover, making compliance both direct and cost effective. For more information, please visit http://www.cozzoli.com/washerssterilizers.html.

Cozzoli-Machine-Company_Washing-Systems Cozzoli-Machine-Company_Washing-Systems


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