A Multinational Vaccine Company Reduces Footprint and Cost with Pall Resolute® Linear AutoPak Chromatography Columns (Case Study)

David Johnson, Global Product Manager

Reduced packing success rate caused by operator error or a shortage of experienced operators is a major risk to the successful completion of the packing, unpacking and cleaning of process-scale chromatography columns. Coupled with expensive media wastage from traditional packing methods that require an excess in the slurry tank, it is obvious that a solution is sorely needed to address the challenges around downstream column chromatography.

Pall worked with a multinational vaccine company to develop a solution to these issues; previously reliant on paper-SOP-driven packing for its global operations, the company realized that large savings could be achieved both in time and money through the automation of column packing. Using the Pall AutoPak solution, the company moved to fully automated packing and it projects increases in the packing success rate from 62% to 99%, combined with a reduction in labor costs for packing and unpacking operations of 31% in one site, and 41% in another site.

Maintenance and cleaning costs are also lowered because there are no extra pumps or packing skids required. And because the new columns have a smaller cleanroom/storage footprint, they deliver more space in tight cleanrooms.

The adoption of this technology as a global platform also ensures a consistent geographical approach, making tech transfer much easier.

This new generation of automated packing systems provides automated sequences that ensure reliable and consistent operation. The fully automated approach enables packing to be accomplished by any operator, thus eliminating error and reducing the dependence on key operators. In addition, the ability to use all of the slurry in the tank means savings can be achieved in overall sorbent consumption. In terms of equipment safety, the added benefit of multi-axis piston movement delivers monitoring and control functionality that is missing in single-actuator designs. All in all, the new generation of automated packing systems can enable biopharmaceutical manufacturers to produce a higher-quality product at a lower cost.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.pall.com/main/biopharmaceuticals/product.page?lid=hzpx43t5


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