How to Achieve Controlled Release & Accurate Dosing and Numerous Combinations in Capsules

Courtesy of ACG North America Solid Dosage Consumables and Machinery

Efficiency in release profiles of drug delivery systems has been a cause of great concern to pharmacists due to undesirable toxicity, unpredictable absorption and repetitive dosing. The primary challenge is not just controlled release, but also ease of preparation, economy, accurate dosing and better patient compliance.

Increased effectiveness of the drug and reduction of dosing frequency are achievable by a plurality of matrix dosages. Multiple unit dosage forms (MUDF) are made of such combinations. Each dosage may be loaded with the active or excipients for reliable control of dissolution in the GI tract and quantitatively filled into an empty capsule shell. Such equipment that enables multiple dosages is offered by ACG and has been perfected for over years thanks to close association with pharmaceutical companies.

Dosing of single or multiple tablets in various dosage strengths (up to 108 tablets in a single capsule) on existing high-speed capsule-filling machines have given rise to multiple possibilities. These possibilities can be turned into combinations of different dosage forms such as softgel and pellets in capsules to provide pharmacists with unprecedented options.

Tablet filling mechanisms use simple stack counts in either magazine format or disc format for the dose – depending on the shape, size, and coating on the tablets. Today’s high-speed capsule fillers are also built with vision inspection systems to ensure count accuracy and non-fill detection, value added features that assure product compliance and quality. The final product can alternatively be passed through format free 100% checkweighers enabled with group load cell technology from European pioneers.

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How to Achieve Controlled Release & Accurate Dosing and Numerous Combinations in Capsules




How to Achieve Controlled Release & Accurate Dosing and Numerous Combinations in Capsules


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