Film Coating

Film coating represents an important process step in the pharmaceutical industry. The majority of coating processes are performed for drug release modification, drug stability improvement against light or moisture and taste masking.

The coating process consists of simultaneous spraying, mixing and drying processes. A good coating uniformity can only be achieved with the choice of the proper parameters. To meet these requirements state of the art coating technology contains unique design principles:

  • Unique helical baffles consist of two layers of baffles. They are responsible for the continuous and homogeneous axial mixing within the tablet bed. In addition the drum rotation is maintaining the radial mixing. Both movements guarantee a dead zone free tablet bed.
    Tablets will not be damage or even twinning.
  • Pan geometry with an L/D ratio >1 offers a large tablet bed surface, which enlarges the incorporation of more spray guns. So, process time can be saved up to 40% due to larger throughput of coating suspension.
  • The air principle utilizes the drying capacity where it is most needed: in the tablet bed! Thus most effectively the drying capacity of the inlet air is used without heating the rest of the coater inner parts.
    Baffle and Air Flow DesignPan geometry



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