OSD Technologies and Trends Part 2

Original image via Foster Wheeler

Original image via Foster Wheeler

By: Mike Vileikis, Manager, Process Technology, IPS

As a Design Engineer who services contract manufacturers, generic manufacturers, and large pharma companies, I am exposed to a vast array of issues and situations facing my clients that require attention as part of my design package. The following are topics that appear to be trending, regardless of the type of client I assist.

In recent years, the number of projects that require engineering solutions for combustible dust have increased significantly. I am intrigued to discuss operational and mechanical solutions with the various equipment vendors who fabricate high energy equipment (Milling, Roller Compaction, Dry Granulation, etc.)

The usage of disposable technology has been a vital topic for several years, due to the fact that capital costs are lower and cleaning requirements are eliminated. In this cost-competitive world, the re-utilization of existing equipment is always a desire in order to lower cost in retrofit projects. I hope to meet with several of the flexible/single use isolator manufacturers to discuss opportunities to fabricate a single use isolator shell around existing equipment to expand the utilization of existing equipment for potent processing, particularly in R&D applications.

Inline Process Analytical Tools (PATs) have been a topic of interest in our industry for several years. It’s always interesting to see how equipment vendors try to implement these monitoring tools and look for case study information that show success stories. Real Time monitoring of blending homogeneity, or the moisture content of a drying bed inline during operation would significantly shorten equipment hold-up times and expedite manufacturing operations.

Hear more about OSD Technology Trends from Mike Vileikis, Manager, Process Technology, IPS as he leads the IPS Oral Solid Dosage Technologies Tour at INTERPHEX 2014 along with Sam Halaby and Russ Somma on Wednesday, March 19 at 10:00am and 1:00pm Request a reservation here.

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