Biomanufacturing Trends & Technologies


By: Jeff Odum, MS/EM CPIP, Operations Manager, IPS

Many new biomanufacturing trends and technologies will be on display at INTPERPHEX 2014. Here are just a few that offer exciting future possibilities.

Current trends in Single Use System (SUS) offerings for commercial-scale Upstream Processing (USP) and Downstream Processing (DSP) will be a major trend to watch. On the USP side, look to companies like GE and Thermo-Fisher to be demonstrating SUS improved product lines with increased volume. For DSP, Millipore and Sartorius are just two companies leading the charge in addressing mainstream biomanufacturing options and challenges.

Also addressed at the show will be the impact of consolidation within the SUS vendor community, and how this will affect future equipment development and delivery. GE’s consolidation continues to dominate the market and allow the organization to explore rapid innovation. However, this active industry will benefit if other companies develop niche SUS applications.

Still another vital topic at INTERPHEX 2014 will be how new modular facility approaches are being used to provide unprecedented speed and flexibility in drug substance/product manufacturing. Gone are the days of spending vast funds on huge architectural sites for scientific purposes. Science has advanced dramatically such that functions in rapid deployment can be achieved in a 5,000-foot capacity that were once completed in a 50,000-foot space. Compact sizing equals cost effectiveness, and the companies that are incorporating this are the larger entities like Amgen, Genentech, Biogen, and Merck.

I touched upon DSP previously, and returning to that, the show will undoubtedly discuss DSP trends that are impacting capacity and costs of commercial manufacturing. The focus this year will be on heightened efficiencies to improve yields, minimize contamination, and control costs. More than ever, the chief goal is to make each DSP step as efficient as possible. The companies that highlight DSP efficiency—the ones to watch—are Pall, Millipore, and Sartorius.

Finally, a question to be posed at INTERPHEX 2014: Is there a future for commercial-scale profusion bioreactors? Continuous processing has worked well for small-scale markets, but for larger projects, what does the future hold and how do we harness the technology? Research is in progress on larger-scale prototypes, but more work is being done.

Hear more about Biomanufacturing advancements from Jeff Odum, CPIP as he leads the IPS Biomanufacturing Technologies Tour along with Chuck Stock, CxA; Tom Piombino,PE and Peter Hanson Wednesday, March 19 at 10:00am and 1:00pm – Request a reservation here:

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