Objective: Engage Students and Young Professionals

Student and Young Prof

The next generation of innovation is getting a lot of attention these days. INTERPHEX is no different, this year expect great programs, workshops and activities tailored to students and young professionals. This program is produced and sponsored by GMP Systems, Inc. & Health Sciences Industry Scholarship Fund to support the future of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

The Student Sessions are:

  1. Creating a Career Plan: make every move, the right move with advice and insights from industry professionals.
  2. Career Advancement Planning: This discussion will help you grow in the right direction and help you reach your career goals.
  3. Nail the Interview, at any level: Interact with industry professionals to make sure you are equipped with the tips and tools to get an offer.
  4. Advancement Tools: Keep your resume shiny and new so you can get that new open position at the drop of a hat.


Full details here.

The Young Professional Sessions are:

  1. Tablets, Gels and Syringes, Oh My!: Review traditional manufacturing technologies and learn about evolving technologies to improve drug delivery.
  2. Pharmacovigilance or Post-Marketing:  Monitoring patients after successful clinical trials is a critical part of drug marketing and sale, learn more at this session.
  3. Product Life Cycle: The pharmaceutical product life-cycle has changed the business models of many developers and producers. How would you change your methods?
  4. The Future of Pharma: There have been many changes in the health sciences and pharmaceutical industries with world-wide implications. Learn how to keep up.

young prof schedule

Full details here.

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