IPS Technologies Floor Tour Class of 2014

Introducing the IPS Technologies Floor Tours Class of 2014! These tours will give you exclusive access to the latest equipment, innovation and manufacturing technologies offered by a select group of vendors and insight from prominent industry experts. This program is presented by IPS (Integrated Project Services) and sponsored by Pharmaceutical Processing.

There are five tours available (including Inspection & Packaging  a new tour this year) free to attendees. Register for INTERPHEX here, then request your reservation for the Technologies Tour of your choice here,

IPS Biomanufacturing Technologies Tour:

Leaders: Jeff Odum, CPIP, Chuck Stock, CxA, Tom Piombino, PE and Peter Hanson

Companies: GE Healthcare, Parker-Hannifin Corp, ASI, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Pall Life Sciences, EMD Millipore Corp.

As you listen to Jeff, Chuck, Tom or Peter, you will understand the importance of these Biotech Manufacturing industry leaders through their advancements in industry technologies. There will be a short presentation at each booth detailing the new technologies, novel application and equipment innovation.

IPS Advanced Aseptic Technologies Tour:

Leaders: Jerrod Shook, Paul Valerio and Sterling Kline, RA

Companies: AES Clean Technology Inc, Groninger USA LLC, Bausch and Stroebel Machine Company, SKAN US, Inc., Rommelag Inc. USA, Optima Pharma, IMA Life North America Inc.

Aseptic filling technologies have grown from a novel advancement to the consistent technology of choice by biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The quality of design enables more effective and efficient biodecontamination cycles. These high-end technologies are vital in building a fully integrated manufacturing facility. Attendees who participate in this Technologies Tour will meet those responsible for the advancement of isolated filling technologies who also continue to provide the best solutions.

IPS Oral Solid Dosage Technologies Tour:

Leaders: Russ Somma, PhD., Sam Halaby and Mike Vileikis

Companies: Fike, GEA Process Engineering Inc., ILC Dover, Fette Compacting America, Sani-Matic Inc., The Fitzpatrick Company

Learn about advancements in this important segment of biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and suggested operating procedures for insuring the safety of you and others in these risky facilities.

IPS Modular Construction Technologies Tour:

Leaders: John Gilroy, PE and Gene Martini, PE

Companies: AES Clean Technology Inc., Biologics Modular, GE Healthcare, Nicos Group Inc., Cotter Brothers Corporation, AWS Bio-Pharma Technologies LLC

Modularization is offered by leading vendors with many specialized techniques which have drastically increased the success of the capital deployment process. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and engineers use modularization to integrate all elements of design, construction and qualification into the final facility site. Learn the current and innovative advancements in this segment of technologies.

***NEW*** IPS Inspection & Packaging Technologies Tour

Leaders: Len Pauzer, Tina Gushue and Will Ambrose

Companies: IMA Life North America Inc., Brevetti, C.E.A.S.p.A., Systech International, Wilco (Bausch and Stroebel Machine Company), Seidenader (Korber Medipak), Optel Vision, OCS Checkweighers Inc., Divadella (Korber Medipak)

You can’t distribute your amazing product without the proper packaging and passing your inspection! This tour will help you better understand the inspection, integrity texting and serialization technologies needed to wrap up your latest endeavor. Pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers will be able to implement these technologies after this IPS tour.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about the best, from the best! Be sure to connect with your tour director on LinkedIn too.


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