A Feature on Kyoto America


Kyoto America is a Japanese automation company that is making great strides in the pharmaceutical manufacturing world.  Although their product line spans across multiple industries, their technological advancements made in pharmaceutical engineering have been apparent through their influx into America over the past 25 years.

As an 80-year-old Japanese company Kyoto America has stood the test of time by custom designing manufacturing assembly and packaging solutions for major pharmaceutical companies around the world. The specific ability to allow producers to manipulate the product during the assembly process is their distinguishing quality.

Alex Wardell, Sales Director at Kyoto America, spoke in part one of a part of a three-part introduction to the products featured at INTERPHEX 2014. Wardell detailed the Syringe Assembly machine, which has the unique aspect of threading a plunger rod into a stoppered pre-filled syringe. The calibrated torque control technique that the machine uses ensures that the threading process is halted the moment the rod fully penetrates the stopper. This high level monitoring methodology ensures the successful placement of the rod in the stopper; without it the risk of compromising the product is greater. Wardell explains, “this system has already been validated for use within America and the machinery employing this system are already [being] used in production environments.”


This syringe assembly method is unlike any other in the market place. Few companies employee such specific monitoring capabilities, and while it cannot be done at extremely high speeds, its competences exceed standard syringe manufacturing devices.

Listen to the whole conversation here:

Visit Kyoto America’s website here.


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