Pharma Manufacturing and Engineering: Socially Savvy

There are plenty of blogs, news sources and active social accounts for the pharmaceutical industry.  Many look at orphan drugs or share the newest medical device advances. For engineering and manufacturing, however, there is only limited social activity.  But that activity is expanding as individuals and companies involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing & processing recognize the opportunity to leverage these new channels to thrive in this ever more social world. That’s where we come in.  Through the INTERPHEX blog and our other social channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well the INTERPHEX web site we will bring you the quality information that you have come to expect from the INTERPHEX brand. 

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As a starting point I thought that I would share organizations that are already making strikes socially in this industry.


The Fierce brand has news, topics, analysis, jobs and events for several underserved industries. Here are a few:


You can sign up for a newsletter (or ten) for a daily breakdown of the happenings in your industry of choice. There are only a handful of editors who churn out this information on a daily base. They have a small staff but a large presence on Twitter.

Total BioPharma:

Their subtitle says it all “Innovation and strategy for pharmaceutical, biotech and R&D.” They keep readers up to date with upcoming events throughout the world, training courses offered in the industry and active discussions on many different topics.


The featured posts today consist of Optimizing the Enzymatic Subunit Generation and Drawn to Science: Target Identification in Drug Discovery. They do have an enewsletter that focuses on sharing information about upcoming calendar events. Keep up with them on Twitter.

Pharmalot by

This is one of my favorites; while the format and the design are simple it is clean and clear to the point. Not only do they post original content but they also share articles from sites like Reuters, Bloomberg and AP. Their column Pharmalot… Pharmalittle… Good Morning is a great way to start your day with the latest industry news.


The most interesting part of this is they break down the news into the Business, Marketing & Advertising, R&D and Therapeutics divisions. They allow you to purchase a membership for exclusive access to parts of the site, but the free level works just fine. Their Facebook and Twitter keep their followers current.

Last but not least is Empowering Pumps. This site is a young one but it really has social media down to a science. While they don’t deal exclusively with pharmaceutical manufacturing, they are on a mission to make the pump industry current. Go here for informational recaps on different expos, pump related news and a personal blog from founder Charli Matthews. She has a lot of insight into modernizing the way this industry communicates.


My favorite area of this site is “White Papers” these long, informational studies are a great way to learn something new about the industry. Definitely want to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news and developments across the board. 

Add this blog to your RSS feed and share with your PHEX Friends!


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