What Comes Next

00465-_SJG1750Over the years, we’ve seen INTERPHEX broaden its focus beyond manufacturing and packaging equipment and consumables to cover IT systems, outsourcing and contract services (with the Sourcing & Services Pavilion that Contract Pharma helped develop), and other key areas of drug development and commercialization.

When I write, “over the years,” I mean I’ve covered every INTERPHEX since 2000, except for the one in ’05 when my dad needed emergency bypass surgery and my publisher rightly recognized that I would be a little . . . distracted . . . if I tried to walk the Javits Center and interview exhibitors and attendees during that week. (Dad came through fine, btw, and just celebrated his 75th birthday.) I think we can all agree that the span of 2000-2013 has been tumultuous, to say the least. The world has been reshaped and pharma/biopharma has been no exception. The changes in INTERPHEX mirror the shifts going on in the larger industry.

As a business magazine editor, one of my tasks is to try to envision What Comes Next, whether that be in terms of new outsourcing models, or adoption of a new technology, or regulatory guidance. (There are a slew of other tasks I need to take care of, most of them far less fun.) One of the best ways to do that is simply to meet people and talk to them. INTERPHEX, with its mix of exhibitors, its diverse array of attendees and its multiple tracks of conference sessions, helps me do that. The event offers great opportunities not just for doing business, but for gaining perspective.

If you  are at the show solely for business, do yourself a favor and strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know, maybe over lunch in the food court. Ask them why they’re at INTERPHEX, what they hope to get out of the show, and how the show compares to past years. You can leave the reporting to the professionals (I’m waiting for my fedora with the “PRESS” tag in the band to come back from the hat-cleaner), but ask a non-conventional question or two while you’re at the show, and see what you learn. Chances are, you’ll see the rest of the event differently.

What comes next? Let’s talk about it and find out. If I’m not at the Contract Pharma booth, leave me a card and I’ll get in touch.

Gil Roth has been the editor of Contract Pharma magazine since its debut in 1999. Contact Gil at groth@rodmanmedia.com. Contract Pharma is the premier magazine covering contract services and outsourcing for the pharma and biopharma industries. For more information, visit www.contractpharma.com.



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