No Facilities – No Pharmaceuticals

We have all seen the bumper stickers that read: “No Farms, No Food”. I think the sentiment is pretty clear – the food that makes it to our tables doesn’t magically appear – it takes a long process that ultimately starts at a farm somewhere.

I was thinking about how this relates to the pharmaceutical industry and came up with a similar slogan (soon to be available as a bumper sticker) “No Facilities – No Pharmaceuticals” because as we all know – without a well-running facility – the products that this industry makes would never make it to the market in the quantities and with the quality that the healthcare market demands.

This, of course, is not to slight the tremendous efforts made by those in drug discovery and development – for without them there would be no need for manufacturing facilities. But when it’s time to get that product to market – companies around the globe lean on the engineers, architects, construction firms, equipment vendors and of course, their own people to put vision into bricks and mortar.

This is precisely why INTERPHEX is a great place and why Pharmaceutical Processing is proud to continue its long-running relationship and coverage of INTERPHEX.

One area in particular that Pharmaceutical Processing is proud to be a part of is the annual Facility of the Year Award (FOYA) program which we co-sponsor with INTERPHEX and ISPE. Now in its 9th year, FOYA recognizes the best facilities around the world and names winners in six different categories: Equipment Innovation, Facility Integration, Operational Excellence, Process Innovation, Project Execution and Sustainability. The overall winner is announced at the ISPE Annual Meeting.

INTERPHEX honors the category winners with a special FOYA pavilion where you can talk to the people behind these facilities and discover for yourself the intricate process it takes to get today’s high-tech facilities up and running.

But the benefits to attending INTERPHEX don’t end at the FOYA pavilion. The synergies between the FOYA winners and the show floor are quite evident as many of the vendors and service providers that helped build, equip and commission these winning facilities are exhibiting their products and expertise.

Pharmaceutical Processing does its part to bring recognition to the winners as well. Our April INTERPHEX issue features profiles of all the category winners and while we are at INTERPHEX we shoot video interviews with all of the companies for posting on our website.

So, when you are at INTERPHEX make sure you stop by the FOYA pavilion to learn about these great facilities. Also make sure to visit the vendors who helped make these facilities possible. And finally, stop by Pharmaceutical Processing’s booth, we’re looking forward to seeing you.


By Mike Auerbach, Editor in Chief, Pharmaceutical Processing


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