INTERPHEX…….How did we get here?


For the most part I am not one to go on about all things nostalgic. My ongoing interactions with my colleagues on the INTERPHEX Advisory Board made me pause for a moment, however, and look back. It seems the board has been so busy making changes and getting the “new INTERPHEX” down the road that we have forgotten just how much of an institution this technology showcase is for our industry.

Let me qualify my retrospective view here with the fact that I am a local boy born, educated and employed in this industry in the New York Metropolitan area over the length of my 39 year career. As a reality check INTERPHEX has been around for 34 years. The tri state area was truly the seat of our industry at that time. All one had to do was consider that most of the attendees would take mass transit to arrive in Manhattan on the day of the show. Walking through the Port Authority was like old home week seeing classmates and colleagues from other pharmaceutical firms in the industry passing through on their way to INTERPHEX. Speaking of who was going to the show, this was our one day event where all the lab folks would be asked to attend. You would also see a good number of graduate students from the area pharmacy schools. Recall the metro area pharmacy schools all had a strong industrial pharmacy sector back then but that is a topic for another blog. My sister an undergraduate pharmacy student at the time still talks about the day her big brother took her to INTERPHEX. She forbids me from mentioning the year.

Fast forward to the present day 2013, INTERPHEX has not only refined its stance as a center for showcasing technology but has added the dimension where INTERPHEX is a facilitator for providing industry professionals a forum where we can learn about new trends, hear case studies for solving everyday problems, look at the newest technology available to enable these solutions and finally procure the needed services and materials to leverage change in this heavily regulated industry. Now people fly in to NYC from all over the country. INTERPHEX is not just a tri state event anymore.  How did we get to that you may ask.  INTERPHEX has reinvented itself in many ways but in a major step forward has added a conference dimension as a learning center in conjunction with their well known “show floor” approach to industry innovations. The advisory board which is made up of seasoned industry professionals makes this possible by asking the big questions and taking the next big thing approach for the industry. So a trip to INTERPHEX 34 years later provides a structured learning option as well as the well established show floor experience.

Then it hit me as to how we got here to our new tag line …………….learn about it, see it and procure it at INTERPHEX. See you at the conference and of course on the show floor …………………….

Russ Somma
President, Somma Tech, LLC


Official blog of: INTERPHEX New York -
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