INTERPHEX…there’s an app for that!

By Lauren Laramore, Marketing Director, INTERPHEX

Being the Marketing Director on INTERPHEX there are so many things I could think of to tell you about that excite me for this year’s event, however, instead of listing them all I’m just going to tell you about my favorite. I’ll be the first to admit how passionate I am about my iPhone. I’ve started to take for granted the world of information available to me at my fingertips.  It has certainly helped me out of quite a few tough situations, specifically when I’ve been lost and needed directions, forgot to pack my camera or just needed to set a reminder to help me remember something that I would normally forget. I promise this isn’t a plug for iPhone, in fact, I know there are a lot of other great web enabled devices out there and I’m sure everyone is passionate about the one they own.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these devices then you MUST check out the new INTERPHEX mobile app. We all know how overwhelming it can feel towalk into a large convention center and not know where to begin. The mobile app has been carefully designed to help you find your way at INTERPHEX. Utilize some of the great features including: searching & bookmarking exhibitors, viewing conference sessions and special events, point-to-point directions on the interactive map and the opportunity to build and store your personal agenda. You can download INTERPHEX mobile for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smart phones at Check it out and let me know what you think!

On behalf of the INTERPHEX team we were thrilled to open the doors at the Javits Center today and look forward to seeing you there! Don’t forget to tell your colleagues and industry friends to join you at the show this week!

Lauren Laramore is the Marketing Director for INTERPHEX. Contact Lauren at


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