Culture, Commerce, Conversation and the City

Metropolitan Museum of Art entrance, New York ...

Metropolitan Museum of Art entrance, New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Gil Roth, Editor, Contract Pharma

To me, the greatest thing about New York City is the way it brings so many disparate perspectives together into an enormous mosaic. Having spent most of my days living in a quiet NJ exurb around 30 miles away from it, I have a great appreciation for the city’s hyperactive melting pot (even if I prefer to sleep somewhere nice and quiet). It’s an unrivaled location for arts, culture, business, dining, and conversation.

Just last Friday, I got up in the morning, opened the New York Times, discovered that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is displaying a great Rembrandt self-portrait on loan from England, and decided, “I’m going to go see that!” (It was Good Friday, and our office was closed.) It’s a city of limitless possibility.

(Why, New York is so unpredictable that Pete’s (and my) favorite baseball team managed to open the season 0-3 while the cross-town Mets somehow started 3-0. Who saw THAT coming?)

Having INTERPHEX in New York again reinforces that notion of the city as the nexus of many different viewpoints. The show attracts attendees and exhibitors from all over the world, and it’s structured to allow both free-flowing, chance discoveries as well as targeted meet-ups like the Outsourcing One-on-One program that Contract Pharma is sponsoring. Just like New York, INTERPHEX is focused on commerce but based on conversation.

I hope to see you there at one of Contract Pharma’s booths from May 1-3. And if it’s your first time in the city (and thus your first INTERPHEX), come by and tell me how you like it! One of my favorite parts of the event (besides all the background conversations I get to have with outsourcing providers and sponsors) is talking with first-timers: it’s always illuminating to hear from “newbies” about their inaugural experience in the city and the show.

Gil Roth has been the editor of Contract Pharma magazine since its debut in 1999. Contact Gil at Contract Pharma is the premier magazine covering contract services and outsourcing for the pharma and biopharma industries. For more information, visit


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