INTERPHEX 2012 – Tradition and Excellence!!!!!!!

Yankee Stadium on July 1, 2010

Yankee Stadium on July 1, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Pete Zezima – Group Sales Director, INTERPHEX

Last year I wrote about spring and all that it represents to me.  Spring is INTERPHEX, the Master golf tournament, new beginnings, and my personal favorite – Yankee baseball.

When I think about the Yankees, the terms tradition, excellence, loyalty and evolution come to mind.  The Yankees are always trying to get better and never settle for second best.

After four years of working on INTERPHEX I realize that this event is just like being part of Yankees pride.  INTERPHEX has great tradition.  This event has served the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for 33 years.  As the largest and leading event of its kind, INTERPHEX obviously demands excellence.  The continued support of our attendees and exhibitors and the loyalty that they’ve all shown over the last 33 years has been truly amazing. Lastly, INTERPHEX is constantly evolving: through our revamped conference program, expanded VIP program, the 130+ new exhibitors on the show floor and much more.

So I know not all of you are big Yankee fans like me (although you should be), but I’m hoping you’re all huge INTERPHEX fans like I am. I will also assume that you are all as excited as I am for our traditional, excellent and evolving event.  Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

Pete Zezima is the Group Sales Director for INTERPHEX.  Contact Pete at


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