A Special Spring Toast

By RJ Palermo – Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, INTERPHEX

Spring is in the air so it must be INTERPHEX time! This is my 13th consecutive year participating as a member of the INTERPHEX show team. Over 13 years I have seen many things change and an industry that has faced many challenges; so many that I don’t even know where to start! BUT one thing never changed. The goals of an entire industry to produce new and established medicines that meet a patients needs. What industry can say that?

Yes we live in a global world and a global industry, with greater demand put on every person that is involved in the manufacturing of a drug product. However, the people and companies (including supplier companies) — that support the manufacturing of drug products — are special. You get up everyday without the world knowing the impact you make and go about your business driving scientific manufacturing processes, equipment, machines, other product and services that deliver products which influence so many lives in a positive way.

So in honor of all of the technical professionals that work in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical market, a special spring toast and cheers to all you — and a sincere thank you for being in a profession that makes lives better!

See all of you in 5 weeks!

RJ Palermo is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for INTERPHEX.  Contact RJ at rpalermo@reedexpo.com


Official blog of: INTERPHEX New York - www.interphex.com
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