Is Learning Pétanque* Really More Important Than INTERPHEX?

By Bob Stewart – Industry Vice President, INTERPHEX

With the remarkably mild winter behind us (we hope), the sun shining later (thank you Daylight Savings Time), and recent unseasonably warm weather (it’s actually on the cusp of 70 degrees as I write this), it is easy to make the seasonal transition. Providing an even stronger motivation to move more quickly out of winter, I recently read an article about the “101 Things to Do in New York in the Spring”.

As you might expect they suggest a wide range of activities ranging from the expected to the eclectic.  Eating in various ethnic traditions in multiple city locations was listed about 20 times.  Drinking in various ethnic traditions in multiple city locations came in a close second.  Participating as a spectator or participant in athletics or the arts provided a fair number of suggested activities.  And then there were the rather interesting ones like “Shake Your Thang” and “Smack Strangers with a Pillow” which in combination sounds like it could be a strange, hybrid reality television show. My favorite, however, combines the social with the altruistic, “Get Drunk and Save a Puppy”.  Only in New York?

But as much as I looked and looked and reread the article time and time again, I couldn’t find the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT activity.  An oversight? A slight?  Or perhaps the article was written by someone with a slightly narrow worldly view?  But where was “Attend INTERPHEX New York”? Now I’m not so biased that I think that it should have been #1 but I do think that it should have hit the list well before “#101 learning pétanque in Bryant Park”!


Well, even if it didn’t make the “101 Things to Do in New York” list I hope that INTERPHEX makes your list.  Be sure to mark your calendar for May 1-3 at the Javits Convention Center.  I look forward to seeing you there.

*To learn more about the French version of bocce check out Pétanque in Wikipedia.

Bob Stewart is the Industry Vice President for INTERPHEX.  Email Bob at and follow on Twitter @INTERPHEX.


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