Am I Dreaming?

By Barbara McAuliffe, Marketing Director – INTERPHEX

It is Sunday morning and I am sipping my tea as I prepare my “to do” list to get ready for INTERPHEX at the end of the Month.  My cat is pacing back and forth trying to determine the right location to settle in for her daily 16-hour nap. 

Despite turning the clocks ahead an hour, I am up at the crack of dawn after a restless night sleep filled with strange dreams manifested by anticipation of the Show.  They are typical – I can’t find the Javits Center, I’m in my pajamas walking the show floor, etc.  In one dream, I am running but not going anywhere.  I always find this dream particularly annoying.

I have been waking up nightly due to these strange dreams and doing exactly what you aren’t supposed to do to get back to sleep – I turn on the TV.  The other night, I had just turned it on when the news broke of Japan.  I thought I was still dreaming as I saw the Tsunami rip through the coast of Japan.

The news coming out of this disaster is nothing short of horrifying and heartbreaking.  While many of the reports are in Japanese, you don’t need a translator to see and feel the sadness and fear of the Japanese people.

Now my anxiety seems silly.  Everything always comes together in the end.  What is happening in Japan is a reminder of how powerful nature is and again demonstrates the power of social media as loved ones are finding each other over Facebook and other social networks.

Events like these should and do put life back into focus.  Material things can be replaced, people cannot – we need to live every day like it’s our birthday. 

The show will go on and all of our hard work will pay off to put on a great event.   Before you know it, we will be packing up and getting ready for 2012. 

So, Happy Birthday!  And if you see me walking the aisles of INTERPHEX in my pajamas, don’t worry…it’s just a dream.

Barbara McAuliffe is the Marketing Director for INTERPHEX.  You can follow her on Twitter @INTERPHEX_Barb or contact her by email at


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