Spring is in the Air

By Pete Zezima, Group Sales Director for INTERPHEX

As an avid sports fan the springtime has easily become my favorite time of the year.  Incredible sporting events in the spring include March Madness, The Masters and my personal favorite, the opening day of Yankee baseball. The springtime also gives me a sense of “new” and “hope”.

As I watch my two sons go through their ‘spring training’ for baseball I see this hope playing out right in front of me. Each somehow has developed a stronger arm and smoother stroke over this past winter.  Each has developed a better feel for the game which has led me to sit there in amazement as only a proud father can do. But what I witnessed most was their youthful excitement for the game and the hope for a great new season ahead.

As we head into INTERPHEX, which is another rite of spring, we have witnessed this hope first hand.  In talking with our customers and being out in the industry we have learned that orders are being written, people are getting hired, cos are doing more shows again, companies are selling equipment into markets that were left for dead not too long ago and people are generally more optimistic about this industry.  INTERPHEX is a great example of this new sense of optimism: as more companies have signed up to exhibit, more attendees have promised to walk the show floor and more people have signed on to get educated about this complex industry.

I don’t know about you, but I am more excited for this INTERPHEX than any other in the past because I believe there is a “new hope” and optimism in this industry and around this annual springtime event.

Look forward to seeing everyone at INTERPHEX 2011.

Pete Zezima is the Group Sales Director for INTERPHEX.  Follow Pete on Twitter @INTERPHEX_Pete or email him at pzezima@reedexpo.com


Official blog of: INTERPHEX New York - www.interphex.com
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