Why a Blog?


We’re wondering if that’s the question you’re asking in a slightly perplexed tone as you read this first posting.  Why an INTERPHEX blog?  Will it be an attendee promotional vehicle trying to convince overworked engineers and scientists to abandon their daily chores and make the trek to the Javits Center?  Or it will be aimed at exhibitors trying to explain the nuances of such trade show exotica as drayage or to tout the efficacy of the face-to-face buyer/seller dynamic?

It will be neither but rather an attempt to share our observations as well as those from experts in the industry about the pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturing industry.  The goal is to solicit feedback and to stimulate dialogue to drive our collective industry knowledge.  On occasion, we will talk about events, conferences and industry marketplaces as our ultimate goal is to build and deliver the most dynamic and valuable event for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

As far as our initial rules of engagement we’re picking up some ideas and advice from a recent Mashable article about blogging “do’s and don’ts”.  Here’s our top 5:

  1. We won’t treat this blog as a press center.  You can get that information elsewhere through publications, newsletters, and newsfeeds.  There’s no reason to replicate that. Our main objective is to drive conversation. We will sometimes make business announcements and sometimes blog about products but with a personal and objective voice.
  2. We will blog regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Anyone who has attempted a blog knows that this isn’t an easy promise to keep.  For us it’s a bit easier as we will engage our entire team and guest bloggers to make blog contributions to guarantee regular contributions that cover variety of topics.
  3. We intend to enable and stimulate conversation.  If we end up in a monologue we’ll stop our efforts in their tracks.  We will encourage you to participate.  And we will engage other bloggers by commenting on their postings and encouraging them to do the same to ours.
  4. We’ll promote the blog and make it easy to find.  We’re already engaging in social media with an active presence in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (@INTERPHEX), and YouTube.  We intend to leverage this presence through integrating our blog content with these established social media channels as well as promoting the blog’s presence through our traditional marketing channels.
  5. We’ll control our expectations.  We know that it will take time to establish our voice and our presence in the ever expanding blogosphere. We will be patient but with each posting we will strive to expand our reach and our contribution to the industry conversation.

We run a tradeshow and conference called INTERPHEX.  We build marketplaces.  We connect buyers and sellers in an industry arena where innovation, intelligence and passion intersect.  And now we have a blog so that we can engage you in the conversation that will allow us to best serve your needs and the needs of the market.

Bob Stewart (@INTERPHEX) is the Industry Vice President for INTERPHEX, the world’s most trusted source for leading-edge technology, education, and sourcing of the products and services that drive scientific innovation for Life Sciences manufacturing.


Official blog of: INTERPHEX New York - www.interphex.com
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