Pall Resolute® Linear Autopak chromatography columns – Case Study

A multinational vaccine company previously used various packing methods in several sites based on local training that relied upon specialist operators who were difficult to replace if they were absent or left the company. Moving to fully automated packing has increased the packing success rate from Continue reading

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To Outsource or Not? That is the Question

Courtesy of CRB, Booth: 2066

By Christa Myers, Associate / Lead Process Engineer – CRB 
and Kevin Debbs, Process Specialist, CPIP – CRB

To Outsource or Not-CRB

To Outsource or Not? That is the Question

The age-old debate for mature, emerging and virtual biopharmaceutical companies remains whether to outsource production to a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) or not. Continue reading

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Improved Thermoformed Packaging and Its Way Ahead

Today, many industries rely on thermoforming as one of the main technologies in blister packaging. However, as business trends change, it has become imperative for leading packaging companies to revisit the way thermoforming is done. Continue reading

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Clinical Dosage Form Development or an Early Approach to Achieve Peak Sales Step #1

Courtesy of SommaTech

Pharmaceutical Development continues to present many fundamental challenges when dealing with promising drug lead opportunities. This is a factor across all therapeutic areas from Central Nervous System (CNS) to oncology. In an effort to design new molecular entities which are increasingly effective while minimizing unwanted side effects we at times create drug compounds which are poorly soluble or are unstable and difficult to handle during manufacture. Continue reading

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3D Printing of Microfluidic Devices

What if you could carry a laboratory around in your pocket? Imagine taking a blood sample and using a device no larger than a credit card to test it. You hold the test results within 20 minutes instead of waiting days for a well-equipped lab to process the sample. Fortunately the enabling technology to do this has been in development since the 90’s and is commonly known as microfluidics, Lab-On-A-Chip, or Micro Total Analysis System. Microfluidics is a growing market. Pharmaceutical and biomedical researchers are likely to use over $1 billion worth of microfluidics devices by 2016 according to Drug Discovery World (DDW). The overall microfluidics market is also projected to reach almost $4 billion in that same time period. Continue reading

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The Value of Attending the Interphex Conference

Courtesy of Whitehouse Laboratories: Booth: 2057

When I started my career in the pharmaceutical industry too many years ago, tradeshows were a necessary part of the process and frankly I dreaded attending them. The days were long and drawn out and I never felt a very strong return on investment from all the time and expense they required. This is primarily why Whitehouse Laboratories did not regularly attend these types of events. However, in 2014, I conceded and let our management team  schedule a few trade shows as a means to visit with existing clients and industry partners as well as meet potential new clients. I must say the tradeshow world has improved over the last few years.  The largest and most well-known show we participated in was Interphex held in New York City Last April. Having worked the floor for a few days, I was able to see many long time clients and spend quality time with some of our key vendors, suppliers and partners.  In this article I will share with you my three key observations as to why Interphex is a must attend event and I hope, with my encouragement, I will have the chance to see you at the New York Show on April 21st through the 23rd. Continue reading

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Filling Methods

Courtesy of Cozzoli Machine Company

Developments in filling technology have come a long way. Innovations in single-use systems, multi-function design and machine flexibility have contributed to equipment design. And regulatory compliance and serialization concerns have also impacted machine innovation. Despite these advances, the methods used for liquid filling are still basically the same. The main consideration is what pump type is best suited for your application. Continue reading

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